About Us

Trusted audio-visual architects

Since 1992, we have integrated sound systems and provided audio – video solutions to cinemas, preview theatres, studios, night clubs, temples, churches, auditoriums, museums and many more all across India.

We customize the world’s best audiovisual systems based on your needs.

R&S is a growing company and has been credited with the following achievements:

  • Over 1500 Installations all over Asia
  • Serving the entertainment industry for over 20 years, These numbers are increasing every day.
  • Providing after sales service through a team of highly trained engineers.
  • Representing the top brands in the audio-visual industry.

All the products distributed by R&S are installed, supported and aligned to international standards using state-of-the-art instrumentation like THX-R2, TEF-20, Abacus RTAs, Neutrik analyzers, as well as computer-based sophisticated modeling and design software.

Our Corporate Headquarters is located at Mumbai, India

With branch offices in Delhi, Palghar and Kolkata and associates in most of the metros, we make it easy for you to avail our services