Home Theatres

Experience the Cinema experience with your home theater system with sound quality at par with the screening rooms frequented by the top film makers.

Home Theatres...A high-performance home theater is a result of much more than just purchasing high-end components, it is the result of a team with years of experience choosing the best components, careful attention to room design, acoustic design, projector and screen design, seating and finally installation and correct calibration.

R&S not only provides a series of products from the same design philosophy as those used in critical screening rooms, but also a wide array of expert technical advice and design on building the entire home theatre and finally the installation and calibration of the system.

With skilled engineers and technicians who design and calibrate the best multiplexes, recording studios and screening rooms R&S has created hundreds of such theaters, ranging from small intimate spaces to large environments that can accommodate the entertainment activities of even the most demanding host.

We place a lot of emphasis on providing after-sales service to our clients in the most effective manner through a team of highly qualified and well-trained engineers.